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Food and Drinks

What is table d’hôte? Table d’hôte is a family and regional meal, where you and the owners can enjoy the splendor that the regions have to offer. La table d’hôte is only reserved for those who stay the night at our Domaine.

At Domaine La Valade we offer our guests, on average, twice a week the opportunity to join the table d’hôte in high season. On set days, Sundays we serve a 3-course menu and on Wednesday or Thursday we provide an extensive table BBQ.

In the off season we also like to cook for smaller groups, at least 6 adults. Not on a fixed day, but in consultation with the guests present and depending on our own activities. A menu consisting of; a starter, main course, dessert and coffee or tea with some goodies.

The table BBQ consists of a number of delicious salads, baguette, sauces and the meat and / or fish dishes are prepared by us on the BBQ. The price we ask is € 20.00 per person excluding drinks. For reasonable prices, a choice can be made from our drinks menu. We can highly recommend the local wines of Saillant. And who knows, there might be a delicious home-brewed apéro for your taste.

For the young guests, the cooking is just included and up to 12 years we ask      € 10.00 for this, from 12 years the adult price. Are the children younger or do they eat from your plate, this is of course also possible, please indicate this when booking. No chair is reserved at the table for these little ones. We like it when children eat with us, but we do ask the parents to keep the children at the table while eating, so that everyone can enjoy a nice meal. Take if necessary. to play something yourself or to color along so that the children can enjoy themselves.

We indicate in good time what is on the menu and if necessary. we discuss what is desirable with smaller groups or certain diets with the guests. Gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian or vegan, no problem. We are more than experienced in our kitchen to prepare a delicious dish for you.

Is there one of your children or maybe your birthday on vacation? Let us know. We can bake for you in consultation with your cake or even arrange the party for you.

On Friday evening it is possible to order Rob’s delicious fries.